Home Staging/Home Re-Fresh

Home StagingDo you want to sell your home or just have a quick update to your existing space? Custom Interiors & Co. Inc. offers Home Staging/Home Re-freshing services to folks in either category. From de-cluttering to arranging your furniture, artwork, accessories and choosing paint color, etc. We can help you create a fresh look in a quick afternoon or within a couple of weeks in the case that we need to hire a painter or order furniture and décor. A well staged home downplays flaws and emphasizes space and possibility. So whether you wish to love it or you wish to list it, home staging involves setting up your house so you will “ Love the home you live in!” or the prospective buyer will “Love the home they are ready to purchase!” Don’t have furniture to stage your home? We can help you there as well! Call us today; we’d love to visit with you.